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Art and handicrafts Clavito

Claudia is  independent artist and weaver, who learned the techniques of weaving from her grandmother. She bornt in Neiva, Huila and actually lives in Bogotá.

* Clavito backpacks:


Handwoven backpacks in crochet in cotton fiber and sheep's wool, in yarn and lined in satin on the inside with their respective zippers and buns.

The size is  34 cm. long,  30 cm. lenght and the strap  85 cm.

(Different colors available).


Price:  $42 + delivery service.

* Coat hangers:


Article in wood painted by hand with symbols of the Colombian heritage in acrylic

Price:  $30 + delivery service.

* Paintings:


Made in acrylic on canvas or wood of 15 x 20 cm or in different sizes, representing the natural and cultural heritage of Colombia.


Price:  $35 + delivery service..  (Other sizes under request).

Mapa de Colombia
Mapa de Colombia


* Magnets:

Made in wood and hand painted in acrylic about symbols from Colombia, like landscapes, birds, churches, etc.

Price:  $2 + delivery service.


* Crochet cup holder:

Crocheted fabrics in three colors..(Different available colors).

Price:  $2 + delivery service.




* Scarff:

In wool knitted by hand , of 1.66 mts. Long and 10 cms. length.(Different available colors).

Price:  $14 + delivery service.

* Shawls:

In wool knitted by hand. (Different available colors).


Price:  $14 + delivery service.



Wayu handicrafts

The Wayú culture is located at the Guajira department in the north of Colombia, their cotton handmade weaving is unique because there is a huge tradition in their style and symbology.

There is a myth that says that “Guareque” was the first woman that realized one design transforming the cotton in colors.

The designs of each elaboration are unique and symbolize the background and mythology from the Wayu indigenous culture(Words from Dolores, native Wayú weaver).

 « Guareque » also symbolize the spider that teached how to weave to the women, then the weaving techniques have been continuing generation to generation and the inheritance stays reflected in each bag.

Their live philosophy: When we have a ball of tangled wool we need to untangled it without break any yarn, in live , the Wayú culture invite us to live a live full of  patience and tolerance.

​* When you buy a Wayú weaving you are taking with you the magic of the ancestor’s philosophy.

* Chinchorros (Hammocks):

Woven in cotton fibers, spacious and elastic. Colors according to what we have available or we can do one in your favorite color.


Size : 3.45m. x 2.42 m.            $526 USD   

Size : 2.60 m. x 1.90 m.           $313 USD   

With tassels

Size : 3.45m. x 2.42 m.            $472 USD   

Size : 2.60 m. x 1.90 m.           $465 USD  


+ quick shipment delivery


* Mochilas:


Woven in cotton fibers, unique designs.:


1 thread style :$32 USD

2 threads style:$28 USD


1 thread style:$52 USD

2 threads style: $38 USD


1 thread style :$85 USD

2 threads style $ 52 USD

+ quick shipment delivery