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The top 10 destinations in Colombia

Colombia is a country with a lot to offer. From beaches to mountains and deserts, this country has places that can be visited by nature lovers and adventurers. If you are a traveler looking for different and original destinations, we recommend these 10 best tourist places in Colombia.

1. Cartagena de Indias

The best place to start your trip is the city that gave Colombia its name: Cartagena de Indias, a walled colonial city with lively plazas and cobblestone streets lined with shops, restaurants, and bars. The historic center of the old town has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its architecture and design. Its narrow lanes are reminiscent of the Andalusia region of Spain, but here you'll find Caribbean music wafting from the doors instead of flamenco guitars. Get lost in this maze for hours on end; Just when you think you've seen it all, there's another surprise just around the corner!

2. Santa Marta

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia and also has some of the best

Beaches. The Tayrona Park Beaches are very popular for their crystal clear waters and sandy shores. If you are looking for something more secluded, Sierra Nevada will be perfect for you!


It is the capital of Colombia and the largest city in South America. The city has a rich history, culture and museums. There are many things to do in Bogotá, such as shopping in the malls, taking a day trip to Zipaquirá or visiting one of its many museums, such as the Gold Museum or the Museum of Nature and Culture.

4. Medellín

It is the second largest city in Colombia and is a great destination for those looking to experience the nightlife. In fact, Medellín has one of the best nightlife scenes in all of Colombia. If you plan to travel there on your next vacation, be sure to check out the Provence area and Parque Lleras, you won't be disappointed!

5. Salento

It is a charming city very popular with backpackers and travelers from all over the world. It is located in the coffee region of Colombia, and many visitors come to learn more about the coffee production process. The city itself is beautiful and has a lot to offer tourists, including several museums and parks where you can learn more about the local culture or just relax in the fresh air.

6. Guatapé

This small town is famous for its famous rock, La Piedra del Peñol. It is a large rock found on top of a mountain and was formed millions of years ago when there was no water on earth. The city is located in the midst of lush green mountains with many rivers running through it. Guatapé is a colorful place that has cobbled streets lined with beautiful colonial buildings painted in bright colors like yellow, pink, orange and lime green, so much so that they look more like stained glass windows than real walls! You could spend hours taking photos here!

7. San Gil and Barichara

They are two of the most famous towns in Colombia. If you want to experience what makes Colombia so special, you must visit both.

San Gil is a small town with many opportunities for extreme sports, including rafting trips on the Chicamocha River and zip lines through the cloud forest. It is also home to many other activities such as hiking or kayaking on Lake Iguaque or exploring the La Cueva del Guácharo cave system where you can see more than 1 million bats! You will definitely have an adventure here no matter what type of traveler you are!

8. Villa de Leyva - Boyacá

If you are looking for a town brimming with colonial architecture and history, Villa de Leyva is your best option. The main square of the city is the largest in the world by area and has a huge cathedral in the center. In addition to its impressive architecture, Villa de Leyva is also known for its many festivals throughout the year.

The highlight of any visit here may be the impressive hike up Cerro de La Cruz, offering views of both nature and history from the top of this 2km-long mountain range: not only does it give you access to several walks through forests teeming with wildlife - and flowers! - but also takes you past several churches whose bells ring over the town every hour on a sunny day.

9. Tatacoa desert

If you're looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy some peace and quiet, look no further than the Tatacoa Desert. This desert is located in the Huila region of Colombia and is home to many species of birds, insects, reptiles, and mammals that have adapted to its dry climate. You can explore the area by car or bike with a tour guide who will give you insight into the local history, as well as general information about the wildlife in the area. If you want to see more stars than are overhead when you look up at night, this is where you'll come!

10. Mompox - Bolivar

Mompox is a city in Bolívar, Colombia. It is known for its historic center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has many churches built in the 18th century, including the Church of San Pedro Claver and the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. There are also many museums that show the history and culture of Mompox.


Colombia is a tourist destination that has it all: from paradisiacal beaches and exuberant tropical jungles to vibrant cities and towns full of history and culture. With our top 10 we hope we have inspired your next adventure in this beautiful country.

If you are ready to live the experience of traveling to Colombia and discover everything that this destination has to offer, we invite you to quote your trip with us and together we can design an itinerary that suits your interests and budget.

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