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You are one step away from finding the best experiences in Colombia


Local hosts

We provide local hosts in different languages, advisors and cultural work shops.


Plan your visit to Colombia at any destination, we organize tailor made experiences. We also have different experiences already organized starting from 1 hour to several days.

We specialize in Villa de Leyva, Bogotá and of course we have experiences at the 5 regions of Colombia: Andes, Pacific, Amazon, Orinoquia and Caribean.

Art and handicrafts

Art from Colombia, Handicrafts from Colombia, done by colombian artists and artisans.

Handmade bags with crochet.

Wayu mochilas.





Land & air transportation

We provide a safe and reliable land and air service throughout Colombia:

vehicles, van's, buses Safe and comfortable service all over the country

Airline tickets national and international

Available 24 hours.

Minibús en la carretera
Image by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa
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