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Natural consciousness


It is time to restore our being through experiences of contact with nature, to find our center. Come to the place where according to the Muisca civilization humanity began, we take you to hiking experiences, bird watching, water sources where you can get in touch with nature and restore your being.




Learn about the ancestors of the region by connecting with the roots of a people that comes from the Muisca indigenous people colonized by the Spanish in 1572. Discover the mestizo culture of Boyacá that converges in Villa de Leyva through its fabrics, gastronomy and authentic activities. Also discover the paleontological and cave richness of the region.




Discover local flavors and learn to cook typical dishes from the hand of our hosts. Visit a vineyard in the region and enjoy a tasting. Also enjoy a Boyaca coffee.




Come on a horseback ride, play shuffleboard or go on a bike ride. The level of activity is up to you. We will wait for you!

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