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Aprendiendo español en Colombia: Palabras y frases que te salvarán en tu día a día en Colombia

Learning Spanish in Colombia: Words, Phrases and sayings that will save you in your day to day in Colombia.

As a traveler, one of the most important aspects of a trip is learning more about the place you are visiting. Not only will it help you get around more easily, but it will also allow you to better appreciate your destination.

So when it's time to travel somewhere new, nothing beats knowing a few local words and phrases. Here we leave you the most important of our beloved Colombia:

Amañado: It refers to when a person is very comfortable or comfortable in a place.

Example: It is very amañado in his new apartment.

Bacano: When it is very good or fun. Example: What a bacana party!

Cantaleta: It refers to the action of a person who scolds or repeats the same topic or matter to the other person many times. Example: My mom gave me a cantaleta last night for being so late.

Enguayabado: Word used to describe the discomfort caused by a hangover due to excessive drinking. It also represents a feeling of sadness or nostalgia for some situation. Example: I feel very enguayabado.

Intenso: He is a tired and insistent person in his way of being and expressing himself. Don't be so intenso!

Jartera: It is used to describe an annoying or boring situation. What a jartera, so much rain at this time!

Lichigo: It is used to refer to stingy people. Example: What a lichihgo man.

Parcero: Noun to refer to a person with whom you have a good relationship of friendship or a lot of trust. Example: Hi Parcero, how are you?

Traga: It is used to describe a person who is in love with another. Example: Camilo has a traga with Maria.

Vaca: It is the action of collecting money for a specific purpose, either to buy something or acquire a service. Example: Let's make a vaca to buy Juan's gift.

With this we conclude the list of words and phrases that will be very helpful to you on your visit to Colombia. Do not forget to practice them and take them with you since sometimes they are not so easy to translate via a web translator.

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